Family Friendly Working

At one time family friendly working was impossible. Starting a family almost invariably meant that one parent’s working life would have to be put on hold. However, a host of relatively new laws coupled with changing attitudes across the business world and the lingering effects of the Covid 19 lockdown are making things much easier […]

How To Get Your Work/ Life Balance Right

The issue of finding and attaining a good balance between work commitments and a personal life has become even more of a key factor than money or job prospects in recent years when considering a new job or Career Change. There are a number of different categories of people who are keener on seeking a […]

Flexible Working

Flexible working has become more popular over recent years due to the changing needs of customers and employees. Many employers think that it’s a sensible move and brings numerous improvements. Advantages for Employers Flexible working creates greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency, such as saving on overheads when employees Work From Home or less downtime for machinery […]