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Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence at Work

To many, domestic violence at home and the workplace may appear unrelated. However, it is important to remember that home and work issues can’t always be kept separate. Supporting victims of domestic violence at work is very important. Experiencing it can have a big impact on the working life of a victim. Violence at home […]

Drug and Alcohol Problems at Work

Every year thousands of lives are ruined by alcohol and drug abuse, with people’s careers one of the first areas to suffer. Problems with drink and drugs are on the rise in the UK and naturally this is having a major impact on the world of work. One of the first places problems can surface […]

Dealing With Stress

It is estimated that work-related stress is responsible for six million days of sick leave per year, with stress being linked to many major and minor illnesses. For most of us, work is a significant and meaningful feature of life with the majority of us spending over 25% of our lives working. While work can […]

Are You a Compulsive Worker?

Years ago it predictions suggested that computers would make life easier for us; we’d get to enjoy more leisure time and have a great work-life balance. So why are people working harder and for longer hours than ever before? We can’t place the entire blame on the computer. We live in a world beset by […]

Creating Your Own Goals

Devising a strategy for reaching goals within your career gives you a much better chance of achieving them. It helps you plan better increases your motivation and imposes a strict discipline upon you in terms of a deadline by which you want to achieve something. You’ll probably be expected to hit targets and goals by […]