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Video: Accident with Unconscious Casualty

By: Cat Collard - Updated: 12 May 2017 | comments*Discuss

We produced this short video in assocation with St John Ambulance to clarify the information provided in our articles about workplace first aid. The video is free to watch - simply click the play button above.

Take a look at our articles Workplace First Aid Rules andCommon Workplace Accidents
for more information on this topic.

Video Transcript
My name is Moya Travis, I'm a first aid trainer for St John ambulance and today I'm working with Safe Workers. I'm going to demonstrate to you how to deal with a casualty that has had an accident who is unconscious and breathing.

As I approach the situation, I'm going to assess for danger. I'm going to move the ladders and make sure I'm safe as well as insuring Peter's safety.

The next thing I'm going to do is speak to Peter;

"Peter, its Moya the first aider, are you alright? Peter, open your eyes for me, come on Peter."

If he doesn't respond to that, the next thing I'm going to do is pinch his ear, hoping I will get some response from him. He has not responded. Because I'm on my own, I need to shout for some help;

"Help! Somebody come and help me."

While I'm waiting for help to arrive I'm going to put my hand on Peter's forehead, I'm going to gently tilt the head back, looking inside Peter's mouth I'm looking for food, vomit or an object.

If there's nothing there except the tongue, I'm going to put two fingers on the bony part of the jaw and tilt the head back. Now I'm going to check his breathing, I'm putting my face close to Peter's, I'm feeling for his breathing, I can hear him breathing and I'm looking down the chest to watch it rise and fall. This breathing check should take no longer than 10 seconds.

Peter is breathing. I'm still waiting for help to answer my call, I may have to go the telephone myself, so what I will have to do with Peter is put him in the recovery position.

So the hand will go at 45 degrees. If Peter was wearing glasses I would remove them at that stage and place then on the palm of his hand. The next thing I need to do is check that Peter has nothing in his pockets, I'm using the back of my hand to do that, if there was anything in his pockets I would have to speak to Peter and tell him that I'm taking the mobile phone out.

When a person becomes unconscious the last thing to leave them is their hearing. Just before they regain consciousness their hearing comes back, so it could be quite safe for me to speak to Peter so he's not afraid when he actually comes round.

As there's nothing in his pockets I'll take this hand, the arm furthest away from me and put my palm on his palm and I'm going to secure his fingers with my little finger round his first finger and my thumb round his little finger so it's secure.

I'm now going to put his knuckles on his chest and by adopting this position I'm going to protect his head as I turn him over.

The next thing I'm going to do is, with the leg furthest away from me, I'm going to raise the leg using my hand behind his knee and raising it up until the foot lies flat on the floor, I will make sure the foot it straight along side the straight leg. I will put my hand on his knee and use his knee as a lever making sure that my hand is still on his hand that's on his face and then I will gently tell him;

"I'm going to turn you over Peter and I'm going to make you comfortable."

Once I've turned him over and the leg nearest to me is on the floor, I'm going to take my hand out from underneath and extend the airway. Now I'm going to check Peter to make sure there's no injuries, I'll bring this leg round so the leg and the foot is on floor, I'll put my hand behind the knee and slide it up until Peter's knee is in line with his hip.

He's still breathing, nobody has answered my call so now I would leave him and go to the telephone and make the call, insuring that I've got all the information I need to pass onto the ambulance.

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